Thanks for visiting! My name is Colm; a Galwegian in Amsterdam, and I’ll be using this blog over the next 8 weeks to share my thoughts and ideas on distance learning with my classmates and any other curious souls.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Colm, nice to meet you here in our Distance Learning class. I see you are learning from even a greater distance than myself, as I am from Alaska. So are you from Galloway or Galway and how did you land in Amsterdam?


    • Hi Cara, that was a quick reply… I need to make the blog a little more pleasing on the eye still!
      I’m from Galway in Ireland and arrived in Amsterdam first to study at the University here a few years ago. That one year has extended quite a bit at this stage; love it over here 🙂 My housemate while I was studying here first was actually from Fairbanks in Alaska.

      I’m having trouble following your blog on my RSS reader. Do you know a url I can paste to follow your blog?


  2. Hi Colm,
    Here is the link to my blog: http://heitzidt.blogspot.com/
    Not sure why it is giving you trouble. I visited Amsterdam in
    2002 and loved it. My brother-in-law is Dutch and was able to give me a personal tour around – amazing! I imagine it is a bit warmer where you are at right now than in Anchorage or Fairbanks – winter has arrived.


  3. Wow! I would actually love to visit both Alaska and Ireland! I haven’t been out of the United States or ventured to the west of the country! I look forward to working with you, Colm and Cara, over the next 8 weeks!


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